Opti-Com is a sophisticated multi-duct conduit system for fiber optic cables. The standard practice of laying 4” duct and threading reeled inner duct can be costly and time consuming. Our innovative design affords the consumer a faster and more economical installation. Opti-Com’s inner ducts are factory installed and remain straight with the help of our specialized spacers and coupling bonding.

This method eliminates the need for additional surface contact created to untwist inner ducts, and the increase of spacing distance reduces the number of manholes required to install a conduit system. OMNI carries all of the equipment needed to prepare and install your multi-duct conduit system.

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Standard Coupling Kits: This one-piece, center stop style coupling is designed to join 2 spigot ends of Opti-Com. This coupling is used the same way a Type C duct, center stop coupling would be used. Both inner and outer duct connections are gasketed. The kit also comes with an inner duct spacer to assist in aligning the inner ducts on the cut section of the Opti-Com.

Slip Coupling Kits: This two-piece slip coupling is designed to join 2 spigot ends of Opti-Com in tight working conditions that prohibit the use of the Standard Coupling. This coupling is used in the same situation as a Type C duct, slip coupling would be used. To be joined, the outer duct coupling slips over one of the sections. The gasketed inner duct coupling slides completely inside one of the sections and aligns with the other section. It is pulled and centered across the two sections being joined together. The outer sleeve is then cemented in place halfway across each of the 2 sections. This kit also comes with an inner duct spacer to assist in aligning the inner ducts on the cut section of the Opti-Com.

Bends & Sweeps

All Opti-Com bends and sweeps are manufactured with the standard 6″ integral bell, an Opti-Com coupling on the female end, and inner & outer duct spigots on the opposite end. Standard sweeps include 11.25˚, 22.5˚, 45˚, and 90˚. Standard Radius sweeps are 3′, 4′, 6’ and 9′.

Flexible Lengths

Standard 10′ or 20′ lengths of flexible Opti-Com for unexpected obstacles encountered during the construction process. The outer duct is corrugated high density polyethylene. The inner ducts are OMNI’s specially blended burn resistant polyethylene. Each flexible length is equipped with the standard Opti-Com bell and spigot ends.

Termination Kits

These gasketed fittings are required each time the pipe is terminated in any other place than in another joint of Opti-Com. For example: manholes, handholes, or ground covered ends for future extensions. This fitting is installed inside of the Opti-Com outer duct and seals the system by preventing any foreign material from entering the space between the inner walls of the outer duct and the outer walls of the inner ducts. The kit also includes expandable inner duct plugs.

Type A is used when Opti-Com will terminate inside of a terminator pre-cast into the manhole or handhole wall for Type C PVC or S-40 PVC conduit.

Type B is used when manholes or handholes do not have a pre-cast terminator and Opti-Com will protrude through or be grouted into the wall of the hole. This kit is supplied with a protective end bell that is cemented on the Opti-Com to retain the terminator.

Type C is used when Opti-Com will terminate inside of a terminator that is pre-cast into the manhole or handhole wall for 4.5″ O.D., such as Schedule 40 or GT-80 PVC conduit. This kit comes with a shim to cement on the outside of the Opti-Com before being inserted into the manhole or handhole.

Type D “Universal” terminator includes the components (bell, shim and plugs) necessary to accommodate all applications covered by the Type A, B and C terminators. This terminator may be ordered for projects where the requirements vary, thus reducing the confusion of jobsite inventorying of three different styles of terminators.

Type F Terminator is designed to provide continuous ducts through manholes or handholes in conduit runs where access to the cable is not needed at the present time. The kit provides two fittings that are female on both sides for the Opti-Com inner ducts. The outer sleeve is the standard Opti-Com female fitting on one side and an Opti-Com spigot fitting on the other side. The spigot end plugs into the cast-in terminator in the manhole or handhole wall, while the female fitting allows any joint of Opti-Com to be joined to it from the trench. 20′ lengths of inner duct provided can then be cut to fit the particular application and installed between the two fittings to allow the projectile and cable to “pass thru” the manhole or handhole.

PVC Coated Steel

PVC Coated Steel Opti-Com is manufactured in 10ft. layable lengths with treaded and coupled ends. Each 10ft length is provided with a locking external coupling and a gasketed Opti-Com internal coupling for inner ducts.


Branch Out FittingsThis fitting is designed to branch out of one of the Opti-Com inner ducts to a particular building, manhole, etc., while allowing the other inner ducts to continue in a straight path with the rest of the Opti-Com run. The modular design includes a standard Opti-Com spigot on the other end. This allows the fitting to be “plugged in” between two joints of Opti-Com anywhere in the run. Connectors for the branching duct accommodate standard Schedule-40 PVC of 1.25″ for OC44 fittings and 1.50″ for OC43 fittings, allowing extension to desired termination points. The branches consist of 90 degree sweeps on a 24″ radius.

Lubrication FittingsThese fittings are designed to be used in Opti-Com runs where additional cable lubricant would be required between pull points. They allow the user to introduce additional lubricant mid-point in longer runs or immediately ahead of anticipated problem areas such as severe bends. The modular design includes a standard Opti-Com bell on one end and a standard Opti-Com spigot on the other. This allows the fitting to be “plugged-in” between any two points of Opti-Com anywhere in the run. The type “T” fitting allows for direct burial between pull points and has a standard Opti-Com bell end at the top. The spigot end of a length of Opti-Com can be inserted into the bell and cut off at the desired level below grade or right at the grade level. The provided terminator is then inserted into the cut end to seal the system but allows access to apply lubrication later. The type “X” fitting is for “under bridge” use or for use within underground enclosures.

Adapter Kits

Cable Blowing Adapter Kit These Opti-Com adapter kits are designed to meet the high air volume pressure requirements demanded by the various cable blowing systems on the market today.

Line Blowing Adapter Kit This kit includes a line blowing gun with a standard compressor fitting and adjustable air flow valve. Rubber cup projectiles are also included in each kit and these projectiles are guaranteed for life; should one ever become unusable – return it for a free replacement.

Inner Duct

Inner Duct and Organizers This is the same inner duct used in the assembly of Opti-Com. This inner duct is used to place inside of existing 4″ conduit, such as previously installed bores. In this manner, a conduit run of Opti-Com can continue to remain Opti-Com even through 4″ steel or PVC that had been placed prior to the job beginning. When attaching Standard Opti-Com to a 4″ Type C PVC in a bore, one end uses the standard Opti-Com bell for connecting. The other end uses a standard coupling kit for connecting. If the Opti-Com will attach to anything other than 4″ Type C, order the appropriate adapters for the proper connection. Compression duct organizers must be used on each end inside of the existing 4″ to secure the newly placed inner ducts.

Spare Inner Duct SpacersThese spacers are used to assist in realigning the inner ducts after a field cut has been made in a joint of Opti-Com.

Repair Kit 10’ Section

This kit is designed to repair Opti-Com that becomes damaged in the ground with a working cable already installed. This kit is provided with 10′ sections of replacement inner ducts for the vacant inner ducts, and 10′ sections of slit inner duct to install around the fiber cable. The kit also provides couplings for the inner and outer ducts – slit for the existing cable and solid for the vacant ducts. The 4″ outer duct provided is split for joining around the existing cable.

Expansion Joints

All Opti-Com expansion joints are supplied with the standard 6″ bell and Opti-Com gasketed coupling on the female end, and inner and outer duct spigots on the opposite end. Standard expansion and contraction movement is 4″ on all types of Opti-Com expansion joints. Joints with movement greater than 4″ are available on special order. Each expansion joint is provided with appropriate split stop rings and ambient temperature label to assure installation at the proper engagement depth.

Inner Duct
Product Number of Inner Ducts Duct Description Inside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness
Opti-com 43 3 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476″ 0.080″
Opti-com 44R 4 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263″ 0.075″
Outer Duct
Size Outside Diameter (Steel) Outside Diameter (PVC) Nominal Wall Thickness (Steel) Nominal wall Thickness (PVC)
4″ 4.500″ 4.580″ 0.225″ (37.49mm) 0.0265″ (2.03mm)
Inner Duct Specifications
Product Number of Inner Ducts Duct Description Inside Diameter Minimum Wall Thickness
Opti-com 43 3 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.476″ 0.080″
Opti-com 44R 4 Ribbed Polyethylene 1.263″ 0.075″
Outer Duct Specifications
Product Mimimum Wall Pipe Outside Diameter Bell Outside Diameter Truckload Quantity
Standard Type C .150″ 4.350″ 4.70″ 19,200′
Schedule 40 PVC .237″ 4.500″ 5.00″ 13,600′
Schedule 80 PVC .337″ 4.750″ 5.50″ 10,320′

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