Opti-Com Manufacturing Network, LLC d/b/a OMNI® specializes in outside plant materials and supplies for the Telecommunications Industry. Our name comes from the Latin word for ALL, and that describes our goal – to provide a total package of quality products for all of our customers’ outside plant needs; everything necessary to protect, place, and repair telephone, data and cable TV lines, especially fiber optics. OMNI® is the one place to call for all of your materials, from start to finish, when you have cable to run.We are committed to providing specialized services to our customers, and we understand the industry, because of our focused dealings in telecommunications industry for over 30 years.

When you have a job to do, we know how important it is to have the material on site at the right time for your crews. We know how costly delays and mistakes can be, and we appreciate your need for the occasional custom and individualized product and service. OMNI® is a dynamic organization which responds well to the challenges of the out-of-the-ordinary. When you need an unusual item, call us to see if we have it, can find it, or if necessary, can custom fabricate it to help you finish the job. We are proud to be the inventors and manufacturers of Opti-Com®, but we want you to know about the other products and services that make OMNI® the complete supplier for your outside plant construction and repair needs.

OMNI’s Commitment to Service

OMNI® has chosen to serve a select customer base – long distance and regional carriers, independent telecoms, cable TV companies, private and government institutions, engineers and contractors who install telecommunications systems. Our customers excel in providing dependable service to their users, and we at OMNI® feel the need to do the same thing. When some unforeseen problem crops up and stops a job, we understand how important it is to have the materials at the jobsite, even if it means having products air-freighted across the country overnight. The people at OMNI® will listen to your problems and develop creative solutions to them based on years of experience and an appreciation of the importance of your needs. Idle construction crews or service interruptions can be incredibly expensive, so let us help you avoid these situations and work through them, should they occur. We work hard to supply you with the high-quality materials and services you need, and we hope you will let us show you how we can be the one place you call for all of your outside plant materials. OMNI® has a nationwide network of manufacturer’s representatives ready to serve you.

For further information on any of our products or the name of your nearest representative, call us at:(504) 736-0331

Opti-Com Multi-duct System

Our Opti-Com multi duct fiber optic conduit system shows how we cover all the bases. Opti-Com provides maximum protection for valuable fiber cables while being as easy to install as empty 4″ conduit. Opti-Com is available in outer ducts of Type C or Schedule 40 PVC, .070 wall or Bullet-resistant fiberglass, or Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel for any degree of protection required from direct burial to bridge crossings in high risk areas. The transition from one type of outer duct to another is easily accomplished by using the appropriate adapter, as you would in ordinary conduit. Inner ducts come in PVC or polyethylene in either smooth-wall or linear ribbed according to your preference. The individual pieces come in twenty foot lengths (ten foot for steel) and go together with a push and a twist to form three or four tightly sealed inner raceways for pulling long distances between assist points. We stock a wide variety of bends, terminators, adapters, lubrication fittings, expansion joints and couplings; a repair kit makes it easy to replace a damaged section of pipe with working cable(s) installed. The true beauty of the Opti-Com system is its versatility and adaptability in a wide variety of applications, and the economic advantage of the system due to the labor savings over pulling innerducts.

Enclosures, Placing and Pulling Accessories

In building a duct run, when you need pull boxes, OMNI has a complete selection of light-weight fiberglass reinforced polymer concrete handholes, manholes, panel vaults, and extensions. Both steel and polymer concrete covers can be ordered with your choice of logo and with an electronic marker optional. We also stock telephone equipment pads for cabinets by various manufacturers. Once the conduit is in place, OMNI offers further support with the cable placing accessories you will need. We carry American Polywater’s fine lubricants to ease pulling of cable or inner duct. Our OMNI-Glide rope is the pull rope we recommend for use in OptiCom; with a polyester jacket, for reduced friction and increased durability, braided over a polyester core, OMNI-Glide is strong (1735 lb. break strength) with very little stretch, and it is reusable, too. If OMNI-Glide isn’t what you need, we can provide poly ropes or pull tapes to suit your specifications. We have in stock a wide selection of missiles, line blowing guns, pulling grips, swivels, harnesses, and pulling eyes. Inner duct organizers and duct plugs are available to seal the ducts from the elements.

Bridge Crossing Services

Another special service OMNI offers is bridge crossing engineering and installation. Call us when you need to place a duct run on a bridge, and we can do the engineering, obtain the permits, supply the bridge attachments and conduit, and even arrange installation, if needed. The entire job is handled by experienced professionals who specialize in this demanding field; we customize the installation to your specific requirements as the individual situation warrants.

Conduit and Fittings

OMNI also stocks complete lines of empty conduit and inner duct. We can fill all your needs in PVC, black and galvanized steel, and fiberglass conduit and fittings. Our fiberglass (UL Listed #E130513) conduit is the finest in the industry, and we offer it in .070″, .090″, and .250″ (bullet-resistant) wall thicknesses. Another hard-to-find item we manufacture is our split-steel duct formed with flanges so it bolts together right over the cable; split steel is offered in 2-1 /2″ and 4″ diameters and in 14 gauge and schedule 40 wall thicknesses. For repair work we have split PVC duct, both the snap-together and H-strip types. In encased burial situations, we have snap-together spacers and wire high chairs to maintain duct spacing and stability. When your job calls for inner duct, we have whatever you need: PVC and polyethylene, smooth-wall, corrugated, linear ribbed (both inside or inside and outside) with rope or tape already installed. Choose from our wide selection of stock reels or order exactly the size, length, color, and pull rope or tape you need.

Identification Systems

To identify a conduit run or to mark cables in a manhole, OMNI can provide all the warning signs, decals, or tags you need as well as signposts for mounting. We have our own line of buried warning tapes, both detectable and non-detectable, in your choice of colors and messages. OMNI will custom print your name, message, and telephone number to clearly mark a cable to prevent costly damage and repairs due to unauthorized digging.

Aerial Accessories and Miscellaneous Items

For aerial cable runs, OMNI stocks single, double, and triple helix pole anchors and extensions, grounding rods and wire, wooden tree guards to protect cables from branch damage, and other pole line hardware. Other miscellaneous items we supply to the industry are disposable coveralls, Mag Lite fine flashlights, assorted industrial batteries, and hand tools, such as ratcheting PVC cutters. In our effort to supply all of your needs, we ask that you call us when you want a hard-to-find item; we have wide experience in outside plant materials, and can provide what you want and deliver it when you need it., As a service to our customers, OMNI is now a stocking distributor for PSI Telecommunication’s premium line of splice closures and accessories. You no longer have to wait for the factory to make the parts you need now.

Over 30 Years Industry Expertise