OPTI-COM™ MultiDuct

Uniquely designed inner coupling assures foolproof inner duct alignment

HDPE InnerDucts

Polyethylene inner ducts for the ultimate combination of lubricity & burn resistance

Complete Conduit Systems

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The Leading Choice for Fiber
Optic Conduit Systems

Opti-Com is a sophisticated multi-duct conduit system for fiber optic cables.  The standard practice of laying 4” duct and threading reeled inner duct can be costly and time consuming.  Our innovative design affords the consumer a faster and more economical installation.  Opti-Com’s inner ducts are factory installed and remain straight with the help of our specialized spacers and coupling bonding.  This method eliminates the need for additional surface contact created to untwist inner ducts, and the increase of spacing distance reduces the number of manholes required to install a conduit system. OMNI carries all of the equipment needed to prepare and install your multi-duct conduit system.

High Quality Ducts Provide Maximum Protection

Our quality Type C outer ducts are much lighter and stronger than most, but will precisely fit standard duct spacers, manhole terminators, and under bridge hangers and supports. They are composed of more than the required PVC resin amount and very little filler. These ducts will not become as brittle in cold weather. Opti-Com is available in a variety of other materials such as fiberglass, schedule 40 PVC, schedule 80 PVC, and schedule 40 steel.

Opti-Com’s inner ducts are available in PVC or polyethylene, in your choice of smoothwall or linear ribbed. Our polyethylene ducts are manufactured with specially blended resins that act as heat absorbers and allow for permanent lubrication throughout the entire duct wall.  These ducts were independently tested and found to be 55 times more burn resistant than standard industry polyethylene and 400 times more resistant than PVC.